Manderstone was established in 2001, initially as a web development business. After 12 years of business consulting and web development work, Manderstone brought an optical engineer on board as a partner. Putting the two sets of talents together, we began doing laser marking, cutting and engraving. The original business consultancy spun off into a new company, Olive Blue Media, while Manderstone focused primarily on laser work and engraving. The extensive graphics background of the original Manderstone participants was easily applied to graphics development for laser products.

Doing laser engraving since 2013, we focused our business on the consumer market, business to consumer, B2C. We sold through Etsy, eBay and through our own product line and storefront, InsteadofCandy. During that time we began working with some local businesses on value add products for their business and found that a much more manageable workload for a small, family-owned business. Our time was then focused on the graphics and product creation rather than on customer relations and store management. We made the strategic decision to tail down our B2C products in preference of forming business to business, B2B, relationships.

We launched our rebranded Manderstone B2B in January of 2015. In the course of the rebranding, we decided to offer our B2B products in conjunction with the wide array of small business services Olive Blue Media had developed during its time outside the Manderstone umbrella. Olive Blue Media closed its doors in November, 2014 and its leadership, resources and extensive contractor network were brought in-house to allow Manderstone B2B to offer a diverse menu of products and services, virtually everything a small business could need. Working with Manderstone B2B, your business can add value to your customers, your brand and your business' bottom line.

While we still have a way for the consumer market to order from us, we no longer have storefronts on any digital marketplaces. Our former customers can place orders through email, and any new non-business customers may do the same.

We are located in Pittsford, NY. We are a family-owned and operated business and enjoy personal relationships with our business clients. We will visit you at your place of business and show you various channels you may decide to add to your business that will not only add value to your clients, but will also increase your own revenue stream. We look forward to hearing from you.