Although Manderstone primarily is a B2B, or Business to Business, enterprise, we are fully available for direct consumer orders. Does your photographer not offer lithophanes? Do you need a perfect wedding gift, communion gift, birthday present and want a personally engraved gift? We can help.

Because we are not, for the most part, consumer facing, we do not put our inventory or product selection on line per se. You can see examples of things we have done in the past by looking at our product possibilities page or by browsing through our Facebook history.

To order a personalized item shipped directly to you (or available for local pick-up for Rochester residents), please send us an email either with a specifically described item, or with an idea that has been forming in your mind that you would like developed. I am the owner, and I will respond quickly and work with you to get you that gift quickly. We are a family run enterprise, small, without backorders or backlogs. If you respond promptly to my emails, we can get pricing, payment and graphics sorted out quickly and have your product ready to ship or for pick-up in 48 hours.

Please send an email to rachel@manderstone.com. That email address alerts on my phone, so it is the quickest way to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

Rachel Hutchins